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People & Business Innovation Crossroad

  • Four different prisms or approaches make up the Redbility Innovation Center. Each one solves a need, fulfills a purpose and has its own road map. Each concept is a protagonist in the process of creating value and constitutes a fundamental anchor of the great work of Redbility.

  • What should be our role? What do we have to feel responsible for? How can we contribute in favor of the community to which we belong? How can we help our clients, companies and professionals to turn towards the new in a hyper-accelerated world with an dependent and conditioned industry by its ability to disrupt and doomed to a complete digital transformation? What exogenous aspects to our Community (the so-called technopolitics) can affect the evolution of current business models? How can research and observation help us clarify these aspects? How can we help future generations of industry professionals? What kind of training do they need?

    The search for answers to these – and many other – questions are the foundation on which Redbility takes this brave decision.

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Best environment with best in class

a co-creation space

Place of discovery and encounter among people with the aspiration to build relationships and share knowledge. The Redbility Innovation Center is a co-creation space that promotes a new relationship system based on the trust and collaboration of the different actors involved in any process of innovation and improvement. To make it a reality, Redbility puts at the disposal of its community a place that encourages creative thinking and brings together the 'best in class' of any sector or discipline. Redbility contributes its expertise and work method based on design thinking with the aim of channeling knowledge and ensuring the good course of the dynamics and initiatives that may arise.

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Training adapted to Market reality

Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring Space to bring together the current (future) industry professionals with the best speakers, tutors, teachers, experts and mentors. Redbility's historic commitment to education and mentoring has collaborations with EDIT or KSchool as example as well as the launching of scholarships for intensive training at UX Research or the collaboration in the Hackathon of the SM publishing house. To continue with this commitment to the community, in the design of the Redbility Innovation Center we have enabled multifunctional spaces to accommodate all types of courses, lectures or workshops with a maximum capacity of 200 people and the best audiovisual equipment.

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We know everyone lies

Investigation | Observatory | Lab

The Research Laboratory and UX Research helps us to better understand the behavior of users. Inside the Redbility Innovation Center we project a new research space resulting from the experience of 15 years of scientific, statistical and field work together with endless interview sessions, Focus Group and user tests. In this new renovated space we have neuromarketing tools such as eyetracker and biosensors that, together with the rest of the facilities, allow us to develop one of the core services in Redbility, in turn approaching research and its methods to our clients as well as to the different professionals of the digital world (and not digital) for a better understanding of the behavior of users in the various interfaces that control the current technological revolution.

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Inspiration, method and best practices

A place for inspiration and encounter

A place of meeting and inspiration for brands, professionals, partners and institutions. As a fundamental part of the activity of the Redbility Innovation Center, we will elaborate a monthly agenda of meetings that we will call Redbility Talks whose objective is not only to share knowledge, trends and to know at first hand the avant-garde in the different disciplines involved in the digital business, but also purely offer the ideal place with the best environment for the meeting and understanding among professionals, brands, customers, partners and all kinds of institutions.

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