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Everybody lies #that’s true and you know it. They have been lying to us for more than 15 years and you, researcher… let them believe it.

Busybody, that’s what you are… you let them talk, lie and then you interpret and draw conclusions.

You are the fucking master, the beginning of everything, you are part of the strategy, an experience designer, and your data must reflect in your business.

If you are not prepared for this and you want to continue being a bookworm, the weirdo who does not share data, better dedicate yourself to something else, plant a garden and document how it grows, because your work will no longer make sense.

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Beyond the eye of Sauron

What is the event about?

About research, techniques, users… well, no! We are going to give it a twist, we’ll go one step further. We’ll talk about how we have reinvented ourselves, how research has gone from being something of the minority to being a transversal area in companies, how research helps companies in their strategies, how data is interpreted, the evolution in the way of doing things, about how nowadays we have dozen of tools which bring research to the daily basics of professionals in the sector. We will also talk about how we can combine knowledge, cleverness and creativity to obtain the data and conclusions we need and how we have professionalized beyond statistics, for example. In short, research in every sense of the word.

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I’m a busybody and I love it

Who is this for?

For the strategists, the researchers, the sociologists, for those of innovation, digital transformation, project managers, psychologists, for marketing people, service designers, visuals, development teams, product managers, for brand professionals, storytellers, for UX/UI, customer experience designers, unicorns, for anyone who wants to discover what professionals of international level research have to say; And of course, for all of our haters, we promise we to always be grateful.

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Come to gossip at an exclusive event

Why should you come?

Because this is not a private showroom, we are not going to sell you anything. Because we are not going to tell you all of this, referents of the sector will, Head Researchers of the companies that reinvented themselves and have a huge piece of the cake, will be the ones to talk; all concentrated in the same space for two days. Because we like to share, because knowledge and share experiences are cooler, because we have to build our community. Because Damn! I’m visual was a hit, and this is not going to be an exception.

This companies do not lie

Confirmed speakers

  • Salvador Valle.
    Head of UX and UX Innovation. BBVA Next Technologies

  • Sergio Santamaria.
    Creative Technologist. BBVA Next Technologies

  • Stefano Serafinelli.
    CEO. TeaCup Lab

  • Rocío Manzanares.
    Digital Transformation Expert. Accenture Interactive

  • Sally Graham.
    Director Of User Experience Research. User Zoom

  • Marta Pérez.
    UX Research Lead in Aura. Telefonica

  • Sarita Saffon.
    User Researcher in Aura. Telefonica

  • Santiago Fernández.
    Strategy and Innovation. Soulsight

  • Manuel Vázquez.
    Explorer at Wander. Soulsight

  • Lourenço Viana.
    Service Design & Research Lead. MANGO

  • Gabriella Lanzilli.
    Market Research Manager. ONCE

  • Pilar Millán.
    Hearing and Data Director. PRISA Radio

  • María Renilla.
    PMO & Research Manager. Redbility

  • Martin Redigolo.
    Head of Service Design & UX. Deloitte Digital

  • Esther Achaerandio.
    Studio Lead. Deloitte Digital

  • Pilar López Pascual.
    UX Manager and Research. ABC

  • María López.
    Co-Founder and CEO. Bitbrain Technologies

  • Asier Suarez.
    UX & User Research. StubHub

  • Victor Guinea.
    Senior UX Researcher. Amazon

  • Santiago de la Asunción.
    Insights Leader Researcher – Design Research. BBVA / Innovation Center

  • Mauri Torra.
    UX Designer. Carrefour Innovation Center

  • Sarah Rink.
    Research Director. Sngular

  • Aino Hanttu.
    Research & Services Design Lead. Hanzo


  • Two days to share experiences, methodologies, tendencies and talk about the future of research. Book the 13th and 14th of June on your agenda.

  • Thursday 13th

    Accreditations and welcome


    “In what world does research fit?”
    Martin Redigolo, Head of Service Design & UX at Deloitte Digital
    Esther Achaerandio, Studio Lead at Deloitte Digital

    “New challenges in Ux Research: Building the personality of an artificial intelligence”
    Marta Pérez, User Research Lead in Aura at Telefonica
    Sarita Saffon, User Researcher in Aura at Telefonica


    “Why do we say one thing and do another? Are we compulsive liars or rather instinctive by nature”
    María López, Co-Founder and CEO at Bitbrain Technologies

    “How to integrate research when developing a digital product”
    Sally Graham, Director Of User Experience Research at Userzoom

    “From Silo to Lab”
    Lourenço Viana, Service Design & Research Lead en MANGO


    Round table discussion
    Aino Hanttu, Research & Services Design Lead at Hanzo.
    Sarah Rink, Research Director at Sngular.
    Gabriella Lanzilli, Responsable investigación de mercados at ONCE. Asier Suarez, UX & User research at StubHub.

  • Friday 14th

    Door opening and coffee

    “Humanizing industries”
    Rocío Manzanares,Digital Transformation Expert at Accenture Interactive.

    “3,2,1… taking off in digital press”
    Pilar López,UX Manager and Research at ABC

    “Wander, a space to explore the complexity of the upcoming world”
    Santiago Fernández Michel, Strategy and Innovation in Soulsight
    Manuel Vázquez, Explorer at WANDER in Soulsight

    “Audio is hot”
    Pilar Millán, Hearing and Data director at PRISA Radio


    “Researching the future, very cheap”
    Salvador Valle, Head of UX and UX Innovation at BBVA Next Technologies.
    Sergio Santamaria, Creative Technologist at BBVA Next Technologies.

    “¿The day after. How to ensure the impact of our research?”
    Stefano Serafinelli, CEO in TeaCup Lab


    “Non stop. 15 years of research”
    María Renilla, PMO & Research Manager in Redbility

    Round table discussion
    “The importance of doing customer research”
    Victor Guinea, Senior UX Researcher at Amazon.
    Santiago de la Asunción, Design Research at BBVA Innovation Center
    Mauri Torra, UX Designer at Carrefour.



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