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Reflecting on the 4th edition of the UX Research & Strategy Training

18 December, 2022

If I had to choose one question, just one, the one that always appears in the most complex moments, it would undoubtedly be none other than the unknown that begins with “why”: Why doesn’t it work? Why does the user behave the way he does? Why doesn’t this tool work for me? Why is the project not successful? Why, why, why, why…?

This impulse to want to understand in a more or less logical, rational and fair way a world, circumstances and/or situations that in reality are not very logical, fair and rational. In short: To investigate.

Why? (never better said) This simple exercise of understanding the “why” of things, this retrospective and reflection is essential to understand how the techniques of analysis and observation in itself are useless, but the combination of all of them with expertise and strategy ensures the success of the projects.

This is how the Research & Strategy course that Redbility launches periodically was created, 16 hours of practical learning after the working day and a lot of hard work throughout 4 sessions, with the objective of establishing the solid foundations of the research process, discovering orthodox and operative techniques in order to orchestrate their combination according to the time and resources available, discovering how to extract relevant conclusions from each technique or area of the project in order to link them together, thus obtaining the best conclusions, without forgetting the real field work in the laboratory supervised by a specialized researcher.

In short, learning to think, act and think differently by asking “why”.

Thanks to Redbility for continuing its commitment to teaching adapted to today’s world.

Andrea Boidi
Product Designer

The return

The pandemic stopped us from holding many face-to-face activities and events, not least the courses. But as the proverb says, after the storm comes the calm, so once the umbrella was put down, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to continue the tradition and launch the fourth edition.

At the beginning, it was a challenge for me, because of both the context of the return to the face-to-face and the very challenging format of the course. We have become very comfortable with teleworking and the online world, but this training requires contact, shared knowledge and active listening, which is why it is essential for students to attend the Redbility Innovation Center in order to work as a team and make use of the research and neuromarketing tools available in the Redbility lab.

Interacting more than just with the screen, seeing their faces of excitement when performing and handling the tests with the tracker or receiving their feedback in first person has been a real adrenaline rush for me.

Very good experience, meeting and learning, both from the contents of the course and from the colleagues, their ideas, background and knowledge.

Amadeo Acera
Digital product designer. Telefónica

2022 Promotion

In this edition, 23 professionals from different sectors and with different backgrounds took part. Of course, there was no lack of diversity in their opinions, perspectives and contributions. Perhaps the only thing I missed was more time to continue promoting the curiosity and the desire to investigate from each one of them. 

Without any doubt, if I had to define this promotion with just one word, it would be “desire”. Desire to understand the previous phase in order to work on products and services with greater meaning, desire to discover how to empathize with users, desire to do things well, trying to avoid prejudices and personal perceptions… Desire for Research! 

It is true that in previous editions I have always detected a lot of attitude and commitment, but the participation, the cooperation between the teams, the proactivity and the degree of involvement has been very characteristic from minute one this season.

The best moments

I take away a lot of learnings, because I also learn a lot from the students, academically: points for improvement, data or curiosities that I sometimes take for granted and perhaps it is necessary to point out, new concepts, tools, techniques, trends, etc.; and personally, networking, contacts and the good vibes that are generated in the atmosphere.

Without forgetting the Chincheta moment, our Dog Manager and master of ceremonies dressed as a hot dog to open the presentations of the final projects (sorry I had to say it).

It has been an intense and wonderful 4 days, in a space of continuous research and learning.

Lucas Barruita
Brand Strategist Designer

In short, a proactive, different and very curious edition that has given us a lot of energy and impulse. 

In the game they talk about beginner’s luck, Joaquín Sabina says that second parts are the best, Ikea reminded us that where there’s two there’s three, but for me the four was always special.

Want to gossip about what it was like? Here is the video summary 😉

PMO & Research Director

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